Political management is about how political practitioners utilise management concepts and tools encompassing strategic planning, organisational design, political human resources (HR), leadership and reviewing to achieve organisational goals. Political management is important because it influences how effectively political practitioners cultivate and wield influence in a complex system of competing interests. The ability to get the right people on the team, persuade others, utilise long-established rules and adapt different leadership approaches to suit the circumstances has significant impact on achieving political goals. (Source: Political Management: The Dance of Government and Politics, 2021, p. 1). To get the book click here.



The 4 Ds of Political Management – Deliberating, Designing, Doing and Dancing – convey that Political Management is more of a dance than a march. Even presidents and prime ministers do not have enough formal authority to control the myriad of practitioners, players, processes and policies involved in 21st century governance. 

Jennifer Lees-Marshment

see http://www.lees-marshment.org or email j.lees-marshment@auckland.ac.nz


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